Walmart’s New Associate Value Proposition

problem: unify 2.3M people and make walmart a top talent destination

Walmart is the 3rd largest employer in the world. Just behind the U.S. Department of Defense and the Chinese military. 2.3M people across the globe come to work for Walmart each day.

However, many see their time at Walmart as a stop-gap. The job before you get the job. And that reputation extended outward as well, taking Walmart out of the consideration set for top talent coming out of college and business school.

So our task became clear: Make people see working at Walmart as a point of pride.

strategic Solution: People, unlimited

After conducting a workshop down at the Home Office in Bentonville, AR and some additional desk research, we came to our solution. Walmart is a veritable land of opportunity. Their size, scope and scale make it feel like a sovereign nation. Get in to Walmart - and if you put in the effort - you can create the career path you’ve always wanted; all within their walls.

creative Solution: this is that place

If our new message to current associates and potential associates was that “here, anything is possible” we needed to push the boundaries on Walmart’s aesthetic - because being a Fortune 1 company doesn’t typically allow for unique branding. Until now. Now there was a reason for them to stretch the look and feel they were willing to put out into the world.

Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 8.15.18 PM.png

“This is That Place” gained a lot of traction within Walmart. Our assets started as just break room posters and then turned into job fair recruitment design. From there, we were asked to create something for their annual Shareholder’s week where thousands of associates - from shelf stockers to the CFO - descended upon Bentonville, AR. We made a “paint by numbers” mural which now hangs in their Home Office and created a set of unique pins to be distributed among associates. (Side note: Pins are a HUGE deal at Shareholder’s week.) And finally, our executions led us into Walmart Academies - Walmart’s internal programs that help associates advance their education and careers - where we made ads to let associates know what was available to them.