National Rifle Association

Co-wrote, directed, and edited this NRA Brand Essence video.  (Done through Final Cut Pro X)

Each group in my Visual Storytelling class had to create a Brand Essence video for the brand provided by the professor.  My group, consisting of me and two other strategists (Alixandra Katz and Ryan Snyder), was given the National Rifle Association.

With many ways to tackle the video, we chose a route that at first glance seems completely wrong.  No guns.

When investigating the NRA brand, we found it's not all about the guns.  It's about the emotions the NRA serves to protect.

The overall concept follows the idea that there are many things in life to be afraid of and the NRA provides safety and comfort by protecting you against these fears.

We give it a two thumbs up...posthumously!
— Siskel & Ebert
I want to hate it, but I don’t.
— Clint Eastwood
Video about the NRA and they don’t show one gun?! That takes gusto. I like that.
— Ted Nugent
It’s really good sweetie.
— Mom