Mobius Motors: Problems and Opportunities

I likened Mobius Motors' situation to the good ideas you get right before you fall asleep.  In that relaxed state, your ideas are crystal clear.  Flawless even.  But then you wake up and have either forgotten the idea or start seeing the holes.  Mobius Motors had something to offer, they just needed a way to navigate the holes.

Target Audiences

With low discretionary income across the continent, how do we get these cars on the road and who will be driving them?

Phase I:  Rollout Plan

Africa is a massive and largely segmented continent with pockets of political turmoil.  Finding the places to rollout our launch was our next step.  But where do we start and what do we do?

We started Phase I in just Nairobi, Kenya because that's the home base of Mobius Motors.  Quickly after the rollout in Nairobi, we planned to quickly move into Johannesburg, South Africa and Accra, Ghana just as we had done in Nairobi.

Next, we had to choose a message to convey and figure out how to execute that message.

Strategy:  The car that's been waiting for Africa.

Creative:  At airports and outside targeted cities